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Glass HouseA Division of the Former 101 North Glass, Inc.

Established in 1998 as the industry leader in borosilicate Millefiori and Murrini making, Glass House has evolved into a full service lampworking supply outlet. Years of experience has brought together the best supplies with the best service. We know the industry; we know the products; now we would like to know you.

With Glasshousesupply.com, ordering supplies is now easier than ever. Order online, or call us at: 1 877 789-MILI (6454). Get the right glass in any quantity you want, at the right price, on time.

Where is Glass House?

Glass House is located in the heart of Humboldt County, California, along the Pacific Coast, surrounded by the majestic Redwood Forest. Our retail outlet is located in the alternative city of Arcata just one mile east of the Hwy 101 and half a mile west of Hwy 299 on Giuntoli Lane (Very easy to find). For those who would like to visit Humboldt County, it is worth the drive. Humboldt County is home to dozens of glass artists, the redwoods, miles of beautiful coastline, and a campers dream. Come visit us.

Email: Jason@glasshousesupply.com
or call 1 877 789-MILI (6454)